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Generative Adversarial Networks and Game Theory


GAN(Generative Adversarial Network) is a Neural Network model in which there exist two neural networks, one commonly referred to be the Generator and the other as Discriminator. Adversarial Learning is a study of attacking neural networks, but it is being used as a tool to build the GAN model. In each iteration, the Generator will synthesize a product–commonly to be images in modern...

CMake vs. Make


What was the Problem? :() When playing with my RP2040, following the official SDK instructions, I wonder why I have to type cmake then do make, why does it take two steps to build my project? Well, long story short: Cmake is a cross-platform Makefiles generator, while make “reads the makefile and invokes a compiler, linker, and possibly other programs to make an executable file...

Bare Metal WebServer On Pi PicoW


Intro I’ve been pretty into the Raspberry Pi Pico family lately—it looks nice, and it’s new, there is a fast-growing community there, and it would be cool to play together. Pico W is the newer member with the…well, you guess…the Wireless capability. I thought it would be nice to set up some code to allow me to send data from the terminal to the Pico through wifi...

Budget Gesture-Sensing Glove


So one day, I was casually browsing the Adafruit website, and one thing just popped in front of me… Hmm, a sensor that gives you the amount it flexes… I felt it would be a good idea to use it to sense the flex of fingers, and make a glove along with an MPU6050 to make a gesture-sensing glove, and probably create a digital replica in Unity, so like a VR glove. The Flex Sensors & Circuit...

Site Major UPDATE*


Hi, This site has been operating for almost 5 years, and I’ve moved to the United States for College. The original site was hosted on a cloud server in Hong Kong, and now the new Hosting Service would be provided by Vultr at Silicon Valley. Meanwhile, I added two domains: and, both of them would be redirected to the master domain In the near...

Machine Learning Notes III


*This note is still open Machine Learning Notes I Machine Learning Notes II The Primal Question of Optimization For a general optimization problem, it usually could be rewritten as maximizing or minimizing a certain function with several constrictions. For example, maybe you want the optimized value non-negative. The most basic form of such is called the primal question which looks like this: And...

Machine Learning Notes II


Link to Machine Learning Notes I The least squares estimates of α and β For simple linear regression: we have: Linear Regression way We can all use the NN method to solve the regression problem but that leads to being nearly impossible to locate exactly which layer foreshadows which feature of the data. Thus, maybe the better way is to upscale the dimension of the linear regression method. That...

Bayes’ Rule


When I was in the high school learning about AP statistics I learned the formula: , Which able to be transformed as: is called “Conditional probability” which pretty much self-explained itself. For which I only knew the meaning of each element but not the whole idea, what I do is just plug in numbers, because it is kinda abstract to understand from itself: “The probability of...

My Graduation Speech


My dear teachers and parents, my lovely fellow class of 2020, it’s my great honor here to speak as a student representative, and thank you for choosing to join today’s graduation ceremony. You know, it might be the last time you see most of your surroundings, your classmates, your teacher. I mean, you would not even get in touch with them anymore. Maybe in the near future, you would call them...

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