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About Me


I consider myself as someone chasing the purity of humanity, who devotes his limited life to just a number of things.

😶‍🌫️Hi, there…

Yizhou Chen, or Deemo. A sophomore->Junior studying ECE|CS Minor at Cornell. See Posts for the recent post feed. And DeemoGraphy for my photo gallery.

I make stuff, mostly experimenting with novel features. I did some funny Machine Learning stuff in the past, but now I’m exploring the lower-level side of the computer world. Check out explorative projects where I play around with interesting ideas&tools but didn’t end up like a complete project. You can find the summary of my finished project here


Q: What is Deemo? Can you even name yourself like that?

A: Deemo is a cool name I found; no, there are no explanations; yes, I can do that. And yes, I only have one Q&A.

Deemo(Yizhou) Chen's Observatory