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Hi, It is…

Yizhou Chen, or Deemo. A sophomore Studying ECE at Cornell. See POSTS for recent activities. 

I like making stuff, mostly experimenting with novel features so most of my work is not wrapped up like a nice neat project, but I am trying to do so in the recent future. I did some ML stuff in the past and still thinking that’s cool, but now I’m exploring the “hardware” side of myself. OK, three biggest dreams in my life: uploading consciousness to cyberspace, go explore the stars in the universe, live longer(Unchain humanity electrically, mechanically, biologically). Guess the first goal is at least the most feasible compared to others(LOL), so maybe stick my life on that one. 


 “Vector“: Thrust Vector Control (TVC) for Amateur Rockets 

Vector” is a project that consists of three main parts: the mechanical gimbal structure, the Fly computer, and the thrust motor. For the mechanics, “Vector” is made of two gimbals that control the X and Y rotation of the motor holder in the 3D space. And the structure was 3d printed with a density and material strong enough to perform the function while light enough to allow the motor able to generate enough force. The Fly computer has an Arduino nano act as the central processing unit, a classic MPU 6050 gyroscope, and a battery. The Fly computer collects the attitude data and with the algorism in the nano to adjust the rocket thrust direction in real-time. The motor was made with an optimized thrust curve with KNSB. For more information: Detailed Technical Report

Glove World“: Wearable Reaction Game Glove

Glove World” is a Cypherpunk-themed game device that randomly lights up the LED stripe on fingers, the player must press the buttons on the corresponding finger in order to get points. The Arduino UNO would decide if the hit was valid and display the score of each round on the LCD screen.


Q: What’s Deemo? Why do you name yourself that?

A: I used to play a music game a while ago called “Deemo”, I took it as my internet name, I hope I named myself a cooler name but it is what it is.

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