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A brief intro

Legal name Yizhou Chen, mainly use the name Deemo. Studying ECE&CS at Cornell University. See POSTS for recent activities. 


Q: Why’d hell you call urself “Deemo”

A: At the time I need an English name(so that people don’t need to struggle with pronouncing my real name), I like playing the game Deemo, and the character was basically a guy playing piano in a forbidden tree hole or something (Yes, that’s what would you get when you trying to search my name on Google). Apparently, this is not a good choice from an SEO point of view. But since I have been using the name for so long and a lot of stuff I created are nametagged with it(this website, for example), I am too lazy to do that. Deemo is just a code, it doesn’t matter, no one should be defined by the meaning of the name, instead, you give it meaning, which is what am I working on right now.

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