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Those are some of my finished/prototyped projects, for ideas and stuff, check out my Explorative Projects.

“PicoBoi”: RP2040 Based Handheld Gaming device with GPS!

PicoBoi” is a Gameboy-like device with modern features. Its hardware includes a charging system, speaker, GPS module, button pad, and screen. With the cooperation of PicoBoi’s software, which is a multi-threaded environment that supports isolation of applications coded with C, users can access or create different applications without interference. A unique snake game has been developed, in which the snake can move diagonally while original retrospective music plays in the background, and the difficulty level can be adjusted in the settings. Additionally, a library has been created for the GPS module, as the official library is designed for Arduino boards. With the GPS module, users can obtain accurate time from the satellite and track their location on the map.

“GhostGPT” CLI/Telegram chatbot with GPT3.5/DALLE

Ghost is a ChatBot based on the GPT3.5-turbo/DALLE model that runs in your terminal and on other platforms(Telegram). The unique thing about ghost is that you can create locally stored ‘neural imprints’ (.ni files) which for now are basically chat histories that shape Ghost’s behavior. And you can also load imprints created by other people into Ghost to give it different personalities or features.

 “Vector“: Thrust Vector Control (TVC) for Amateur Rockets 

Vector” is a project that consists of three main parts: the mechanical gimbal structure, the Fly computer, and the thrust motor. For the mechanics, “Vector” is made of two gimbals that control the X and Y rotation of the motor holder in the 3D space. And the structure was 3d printed with a material density setting that is strong enough to perform the function while light enough to allow the motor to be able to generate enough force. The Fly computer has an Arduino nano act as the CPU, a classic MPU 6050 gyroscope, and a battery. The Fly computer collects the attitude data be used to adjust the rocket thrust direction in real-time. The motor was made to have an optimized thrust curve using KNSB. For more information: Detailed Technical Report

Glove World“: Wearable Reaction Game Glove

Glove World” is a Cyberpunk-themed game device that randomly lights up the LED stripe on fingers, the player must press the buttons on the corresponding finger in order to get points. The Arduino UNO would decide if the hit was valid and display the score of each round on the LCD screen.

Deemo(Yizhou) Chen's Observatory