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If It Is Possible to Use Electromagnet to stabilize SpaceX’s Falcon


Landing has been a big problem to Falcon. To achieve the goal of recycling space rocket, SpaceX engineers calculate orbit by many factors, many times the problem is at the moment of landing, people could see the rocket is already on the landing pad on the ocean, but the rocket just not stable and fall down then blow up. So, if that is possible to set a pad with electromagnet to stick the rocket...

ʻOumuamua is Not a Spacecraft but a Comet


Deemo Chen, grade 11 student. Barstow School – Ningbo Campus. Abstract 1I/2017 U1 (‘Oumuamua), a recently discovered asteroid in a hyperbolic orbit, is likely the first macroscopic object of extrasolar origin identified in the solar system. This paper mainly gives reasons why ‘Oumuamua should be a comet, by explaining three unusual behaviors of ‘Oumuamua which are unnormal ratio, strange track...


暗网,隐网,深网,听着很吓人,是吧。在媒体的推波助澜下,这些东西的确变得神秘而又不可触碰起来。但是,说实话,有什么难的呢,难道每个暗网用户都是计算机高手不成? 什么是暗网? 这里有点区别,倒不如这么说吧,无法直接由搜索引擎搜索到的页面都属于隐网,也就是The Hidden Web。 媒体搞了一个冰山理论,什么绝大多数的网络都是罪犯的天堂,也是可笑之极, 那我知乎的个人编辑页面也成为犯罪天堂咯?这里所要澄清的是,隐网的确很多,但是我们即将要讨论的暗网却并非如此。 暗网, 数量在几万左右,不时关闭,不时开启,有违法色情,毒品与枪支的交易,当然还有FBI的钓鱼网站。这也是大家所熟知的。如果要深入了解下具体,可以看看这篇文章:出于好奇,我去暗网里瞧了瞧 —— 你就别去了 暗网网站的网址一般都如此:,而这是无法用普通的浏览器访问的,而是一个加密浏览器,也就是我们的Tor。 如何使用Tor...

Let We do Moon Stacking! And Processing


Since I moving my telescope to my school for my Astronomy Club, I put it for a long time because my club is still weak and no one in the club could be seem as a real club number. But I set up a small observation recently with another guy who are not in my club, and I took 16 photos of moon by my lovely A7RIII, however, the truth prove that it is useless to stack 16 photos, but I think it is a...

How I understand the Ideal Gas Law


After learning the Gas law, that I got some general idea of the beauty of equations, I think the expression of textbooks is pretty strange, they trying to divide one simple formula to several different unclear ones, hmm… I think the better the equation is the more factors it includes in; it does not let the question become complicated but even make it even simpler because people do not need...

Standard of Being My “Friend”


There is a man who has similar intelligence and wisdom as I do, I do not need to explain something over and over again, and again, he can understand me, he does understand me, which I can feel it. We have the same hobbies, senses, we get together every day when I got some misunderstanding of academic stuff, he knows what is the way to point it out for me, he could be annoying, but also quiet. We...


比如:我小的时候看过一本叫做“抽筋神探”的漫画,其主角的名字就是“一鸣”, 然后过了一段时间,学校旁开起了一家“一鸣真鲜奶吧”,我就不由自主的认为这两者之间有某种联系。

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