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The Chemistry Behind The Forming of Different Colors of M42 Nebula


PS:IT’S NOT A RESEARCH PAPER Abstract This paper begins with the Messier 42 nebula, talking about how different color lights form due to the electron transport in Bohr’s model. How these lights are absorbed by gas and form the absorption spectrum, then how these lights are captured by sensors with the explanation between CCD and CMOS sensors. The history of spectrometer also includes plus...

ʻOumuamua is Not a Spacecraft but a Comet


Deemo Chen, grade 11 student. Barstow School – Ningbo Campus. Abstract 1I/2017 U1 (‘Oumuamua), a recently discovered asteroid in a hyperbolic orbit, is likely the first macroscopic object of extrasolar origin identified in the solar system. This paper mainly gives reasons why ‘Oumuamua should be a comet, by explaining three unusual behaviors of ‘Oumuamua which are unnormal ratio, strange track...

Is KIC-8462852 A Dyson Sphere?


Abstract By the recent research and observation, there is a star numbered KIC-8462852 spread a strange flux and decreasing of its brightness without clear periodicity. By the suspects, people have already given and the Drake equation, there is no significant evidence to prove that that is an impossibility; therefore, the inference is there is a possibility to be a Dyson Sphere, which means there...

Deemo(Yizhou) Chen's Observatory