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The Green Night


It’s summer night, hot, but cold inside. The castle is full of people—women and knights. At that time, I could be the youngest one there. “What is a real knight?” the King Arthur suddenly looking at me with his deep green eyes. I did not except that, but as quick as it is my nature, I response words that I called out for thousands of times when I was an initiate knight: “Honor, wisdom, humble...

A Rasin in the Sun: Analysis


Introduction Walter Lee could be the character that is spilled the most ink on, not only he is the only main male character in the novel, but also there are many values and struggles be put on him, he made mistakes because of his fault, he also does the right things follows his heart. Summary of Walter Lee Walter Lee in the movie He is the son of Walter Senior, also the only man in the younger...

Myself and Another Me


Life, should be as perfect and harmony as a sphere which has the philosophical closeness and symmetry. Naturally, I keep this obsession into science, then I found I was wrong, on both. The family condition of mine is not quite lovely, that is not very far from the “typical family problem” in many shows, and because of that I tend to absorb information more than expressing. Back to the time, the...

“The Ring”


At the wide, white house, the “master” dressed in black, stands upon the platform. “Let’s celebrate the coming of our friends, shall we?” he says to the children before him. He is their father, but not by blood. The children, dressed in white, reply “yes” one by one, with planned perfect meticulous smiles. “Sorry, sir, but what are we celebrating?”, the youngest little “stander,” said. The...

Life Edge 小科幻故事


前言: 这同样是我去Dunn写的日常故事 在Dunn写的剧本 总之很可爱就是了 正文: Alfven 没人知道他是谁,他也不知道他是谁 ,他只是Alfven,但他是这个世界上最后一个人,在一个秋日的傍晚 ,最后一丝阳光照进这个孤独的房间, 他坐在中央的一把椅子上, 谁是我?我是谁?他忽然感到胃痛,深入骨髓般的痛,他蜷缩在椅子上---这时,门却被敲响了 Human Cloning#76 世上怎么可能只剩下一个人呢? 只能说剩下不是’人‘罢了 像我-克隆人76 或许是要在这个可怕的世界留下最后的种子 我们这些克隆人就这样存在着 生命维持机一直让我们这些孤独的’人‘生活着 可能源也不是无尽的 维持设备显示我们已经没有时间了 我们必须走出这个舒服的牢笼。 Robot 说真的呢 我们真的没什么人权 毕竟我们本来就不是人嘛...

Deemo(Yizhou) Chen's Observatory