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RP2040 Randomness and Ring Oscillator


Randomness Having real randomness on a deterministic machine is a pretty interesting topic, while one can easily achieve pseudo-randomness by creating a complex algorithm with unpredictable outputs(such as a chaotic system). However, for a microcontroller with the same code whenever it boots up, the above solution will give you the same number every time. So it would be nice to introduce some...

My Graduation Speech


My dear teachers and parents, my lovely fellow class of 2020, it’s my great honor here to speak as a student representative, and thank you for choosing to join today’s graduation ceremony. You know, it might be the last time you see most of your surroundings, your classmates, your teacher. I mean, you would not even get in touch with them anymore. Maybe in the near future, you would call them...

Myself and Another Me


Life, should be as perfect and harmony as a sphere which has the philosophical closeness and symmetry. Naturally, I keep this obsession into science, then I found I was wrong, on both. The family condition of mine is not quite lovely, that is not very far from the “typical family problem” in many shows, and because of that I tend to absorb information more than expressing. Back to the time, the...



The TVC Rocket Idea


*2019/7/8 Before ALL: Hello folks, since the summer began, I have to say a project I have planed for a long time should get into its path now. And it is a serial, so I will update the lastest processes as I do. Basically, the goal is to build a fully fictional rocket which has a Thrust Vector Control(TVC) which allows the rocket could control the thrust direction stay toward the earth, and a...

If It Is Possible to Use Electromagnet to stabilize SpaceX’s Falcon


Landing has been a big problem to Falcon. To achieve the goal of recycling space rocket, SpaceX engineers calculate orbit by many factors, many times the problem is at the moment of landing, people could see the rocket is already on the landing pad on the ocean, but the rocket just not stable and fall down then blow up. So, if that is possible to set a pad with electromagnet to stick the rocket...

Standard of Being My “Friend”


There is a man who has similar intelligence and wisdom as I do, I do not need to explain something over and over again, and again, he can understand me, he does understand me, which I can feel it. We have the same hobbies, senses, we get together every day when I got some misunderstanding of academic stuff, he knows what is the way to point it out for me, he could be annoying, but also quiet. We...


比如:我小的时候看过一本叫做“抽筋神探”的漫画,其主角的名字就是“一鸣”, 然后过了一段时间,学校旁开起了一家“一鸣真鲜奶吧”,我就不由自主的认为这两者之间有某种联系。


今天我的同学正在联机玩一个叫绝地求生的游戏,突然Andy大喊一句:“你打我打的好疼啊啊啊” 就有了以下的想法:

设想有这样的一个游戏:双人联机合作横版通关游戏, 每个玩家选择的角色拥有各种技能,但是这些技能都需要消耗队友的血量(当然消耗完就死了)。游的要点在于控制队友的血量不会被你消耗完,或者足够高以承受怪和BOSS的攻击,同时要用血量打出足够的技能来通过。


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