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RP2040 Randomness and Ring Oscillator


Randomness Having real randomness on a deterministic machine is a pretty interesting topic, while one can easily achieve pseudo-randomness by creating a complex algorithm with unpredictable outputs(such as a chaotic system). However, for a microcontroller with the same code whenever it boots up, the above solution will give you the same number every time. So it would be nice to introduce some...

CMake vs. Make


What was the Problem? :() When playing with my RP2040, following the official SDK instructions, I wonder why I have to type cmake then do make, why does it take two steps to build my project? Well, long story short: Cmake is a cross-platform Makefiles generator, while make “reads the makefile and invokes a compiler, linker, and possibly other programs to make an executable file...

Bare Metal WebServer On Pi PicoW


Intro I’ve been pretty into the Raspberry Pi Pico family lately—it looks nice, and it’s new, there is a fast-growing community there, and it would be cool to play together. Pico W is the newer member with the…well, you guess…the Wireless capability. I thought it would be nice to set up some code to allow me to send data from the terminal to the Pico through wifi...

Budget Gesture-Sensing Glove


So one day, I was casually browsing the Adafruit website, and one thing just popped in front of me… Hmm, a sensor that gives you the amount it flexes… I felt it would be a good idea to use it to sense the flex of fingers, and make a glove along with an MPU6050 to make a gesture-sensing glove, and probably create a digital replica in Unity, so like a VR glove. The Flex Sensors & Circuit...

The TVC Rocket Idea


*2019/7/8 Before ALL: Hello folks, since the summer began, I have to say a project I have planed for a long time should get into its path now. And it is a serial, so I will update the lastest processes as I do. Basically, the goal is to build a fully fictional rocket which has a Thrust Vector Control(TVC) which allows the rocket could control the thrust direction stay toward the earth, and a...

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