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Machine Learning Notes I


Lately, I was into the studying process of machine learning, and outputting(taking notes) is a vital step of it. Here, I am using Andrew Ng’s Stanford Machine Learning course in Coursera with the language of MATLAB. So the rest of the code I will write in this post by default are based on MATLAB. What is ML? “A computer program is said to learn from experience E with respect to some...

Where We From and Where Human Will Go


There was a big explosion, the time be created, the world was created; the particles appear, they make impacts on each other by forces, they interact with each other–then the future be determined–just like begin a game of billiard, at the moment the stick hit the first ball, then all the future is determined. If the initial factors of the universe are typed into a supercomputer, then...

The Green Night


It’s summer night, hot, but cold inside. The castle is full of people—women and knights. At that time, I could be the youngest one there. “What is a real knight?” the King Arthur suddenly looking at me with his deep green eyes. I did not except that, but as quick as it is my nature, I response words that I called out for thousands of times when I was an initiate knight: “Honor, wisdom, humble...

AI Face Change Full Tutorial-Based On DeepFaceLab


Introduction AI face change is a product under Neuro Network and Machine Learning technologies. And this article aims to be a tutorial that could let people who do not have experience in Machine Learning to replace the face in one video with other faces. Key Words: #deepfakes #faceswap #face-swap #deep-learning #deeplearning #deep-neural-networks #deepface #deep-face-swap #fakeapp #fake-app...

A Rasin in the Sun: Analysis


Introduction Walter Lee could be the character that is spilled the most ink on, not only he is the only main male character in the novel, but also there are many values and struggles be put on him, he made mistakes because of his fault, he also does the right things follows his heart. Summary of Walter Lee Walter Lee in the movie He is the son of Walter Senior, also the only man in the younger...

Myself and Another Me


Life, should be as perfect and harmony as a sphere which has the philosophical closeness and symmetry. Naturally, I keep this obsession into science, then I found I was wrong, on both. The family condition of mine is not quite lovely, that is not very far from the “typical family problem” in many shows, and because of that I tend to absorb information more than expressing. Back to the time, the...



The TVC Rocket Idea


*2019/7/8 Before ALL: Hello folks, since the summer began, I have to say a project I have planed for a long time should get into its path now. And it is a serial, so I will update the lastest processes as I do. Basically, the goal is to build a fully fictional rocket which has a Thrust Vector Control(TVC) which allows the rocket could control the thrust direction stay toward the earth, and a...


What? 随着Minecraft的多年发展与版本迭代,现在终于可以分为三大派: 1.基岩版(XBOX,WIN10 UWP, 手机) 2.JAVA版(也就是之前电脑上玩的那种) 3.网易版(辣鸡) 基岩版(BedRock)是从PE手机版脱出的版本,以前的版本总是和JAVA版大步脱节,可现在已经平头齐步走了。个人非常看好BR版,因为其平台整合的很不错,各个设备都可以玩,不论是个人联机还是教育应用都很有优势,未来开发者社区会倾倒更多资源。 Why? 这里可能有人要问了,既然已经有了领域了,为什么还有自己开基岩版服务器? 首先,领域服延迟高,其次,对多人支持不是很好,最高也就10个人,也不便宜。 最后客制化程度也很低。 How? 这里可爱的开发者团队已经开发出了基岩版服务器包(Alpha)所以只要按照我这里的步骤一步步来,在5分钟内就能配置好属于你的基岩版Minecraft服务器...

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