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Where We From and Where Human Will Go


There was a big explosion, the time be created, the world was created; the particles appear, they make impacts on each other by forces, they interact with each other–then the future be determined–just like begin a game of billiard, at the moment the stick hit the first ball, then all the future is determined. If the initial factors of the universe are typed into a supercomputer, then the computer could precisely shows (but not predict) the future. Or there is no future anyway…

By the second law of thermodynamics, entropy increases as the by-product of the time. Everything will go to be the same in every direction.

Then, if our “fate” is pre-determined, and will go nothing.

Why we just not give up our life immediately?

Because human emotion is preventing it.

Trying to give a fake funny cover.

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By Deemo
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