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The TVC Rocket Idea



Before ALL:

Hello folks, since the summer began, I have to say a project I have planed for a long time should get into its path now. And it is a serial, so I will update the lastest processes as I do.

Basically, the goal is to build a fully fictional rocket which has a Thrust Vector Control(TVC) which allows the rocket could control the thrust direction stay toward the earth, and a panel with velocity sensors, direction sensors on so the SCM could compute.

Then, I would add more functions to the rocket, such as muti-thrusts. So finally allow the rocket to get into space(stratosphere?).

OK, there are a few steps I need to do in order to make this goal come true.

Stage One, build a TVC

Stage Two, build a control panel and write software

Stage Three, build a rocket as a whole

Then, test, test, test…

If I can make it, then add more functions and let it go the space.

Now, everything starts here.

Stage One: Build a TVC

Prototype 1:

The video was made a long time ago, so there are many things not been added compared to now I, but the idea is the same. Basically, I 3D-printed a model to physically exam my idea, and know I find there are two main problems need me to fix.

  1. I need grooves and rooms to fit my two servo motors
  2. The outside ring needs to control the inner ring but not directly connect the central, otherwise, the move of one axis would affect the other one, simply to say, they will be stuck.


The first “usable” TVC is done for building!

But there are still a lot of problems

  1. the size of the inner ring is too big
  2. the total design is not compact enough


After Serval models failed, the usable prototype is coming!

*testing platform is done!



I find the problem is, when I connect the rx tx ports, the board would just not working, ok, so I begin to use soft serial pin to 6 and 7. Then I find this is caused by the Arduino board Uno itself, so I change it.

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