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Using Conditioning to Improve Teaching Efficiency

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When a little young baby just born, learning occur at every moment the person lives on the earth, study let people become completed, also helps them to live in this society. One’s future is to decide by learning.
Teachers teach students? Right? But how many of these relationships could be in a highly efficient way? When you in school, how many times you see there are some students set away from the speaker, and do their things but not actually hear what does the person who is currently talking saying? When the people talking accompany with other people’s voice, he could be very tired because he needs to higher the frequency and the intensity of the voice.

So, it is vital to get all the students’ attention at one moment with low cause, but how? Even many strict teachers set roles to his students, after few times class, there always be some students not pay their attention to the teacher at the time they need.

I want to mention my AP Biology teacher, Ms. Rosales, she is the one who demonstrates the psychology tool is such a strong tool to apply in real life.
I still remember the first thing Ms. Rosales ask us to do is something called if…then. It really simple, if she hit the table or things in a certain rhyme, the students should response that with another rhyme for quite.

It looks very simple, and the reality also, but it really let the order of class improve in a massive way. I still remember when Ms. Rosales out of the school for some personal issue, there is a teacher called Ms. Romasa, well, she is kind of nice, but she do not have the what we now called “pa-pa” skill as Ms. Rosales has, mostly, when the class getting disorder and loud, she tries to take the control by yelling in a loud way, that really takes some time and spirit, and only when students think she is angry then they become quite a little. The class still goes on, but not that orderly.

There actually are some very deep and integrated mechanisms behind that. In psychology, what Ms. Rosales apply is called Classical conditioning. There is a very famous experiment did by Palov involved with his dog.

A dog naturally has the willingness to eat meat, so they saliva when they see meat, it is called unconditioned response because it is naturally happening. However, how could we let dog saliva without using meat, but something else, something like…the sound of the ring? The sound of the ring called natural stimuli because the sound of the ring itself has nothing to do with letting dong saliva. What Palov did is ring the ring when he shows the dog with meat, and repeated it for several times, then he finds when he only rings the bell, the dog continues to saliva without meat, the natural stimuli become conditioned stimuli.

What Ms. Rosales do to the students is a similar thing from the perspective of mechanism. At the first days Ms. Rosales began to teach us, she could be very serious because she keeps let students train that. Students naturally response as quiet and tractable when their teacher gets serious. So here teacher get serious is an unconditioned stimulus, and students become quite is an unconditioned response. And the “pa-pa” hits are just natural stimuli, it is true that students know what they should do when they hear it, but their body is not be conditioned yet which means there are not that many people would respond in a quick way. However, after one week’s training, the quantity change cause a quality change, students could response the “pa-pa” sign immediately without any delay, and they would be quiet and pay attention to the teacher.

However, it is not the end, there is something called generalization, which just means the subject would response similar stimuli with one conditioned response or response the stimuli with a similar response. In Palov’s dog experiment, the dog not only responds to the sound of the ring, but other things make a similar sound, like whistle or computer “bi-bi” sound.
Just like in the class, sometimes Ms. Rosales would make different rhyme by mistake, but student response that with same high speed. Also, students would not only be quiet and pay attention to the teacher but also turn down the laptop, iPad or other devices.

The key component here is repeated, if not, extinction happens, or we can say “forget”. If Palov does not train his dog in a certain curve, finally the dog would no saliva to the sound of the ring.
Ms. Romsas had taught us for a long time period, on the first day Ms. Rosales’s class, many students “forget” to respond to the “pa-pa” hit. They got extinction.

To hold the best curve of conditioning? Try to do it in random time gap and random frequency in densely to prevent the appearing of extinction.
Hope you can apply to your life successfully.

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